Some panoramas made in Germany

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The (strange looking) images below are spherical projections.
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In such a panorama you can view in any direction. Use the mouse or left/right/up/down arrows.
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Neuschwanstein castle.
Germany Neuschwanstein Castle panorama
View of the castle, from a nearby hill.

Germany Neuschwanstein Castle panorama
Castle courtyard.
[Many visitors today! This resulted in panoramic stitching errors which cannot be satisfactorily cleaned up, resulting in some 'ghosts'.]

In the historical town of Lindau, southern Germany.

Germany Lindau Bismarckplatz
Bismarckplatz on a cloudy summer day.

Germany Lindau Schrannenplatz
Near Schrannenplatz.

Germany Lindau harbour lighthouse
View over the Bodensee (through which the river Rhine flows), Lindau harbour, and lighthouse.

Germany Lindau harbour lighthouse

Germany Lindau harbour lighthouse
View over the Bodensee and Lindau harbour, from top of harbour lighthouse.

These panoramas were made in Germany. Equipment used was a Minolta 7D DSLR in combination with a Sigma 12-24 @12mm. Camera was mount on a tripod with a Nodal Ninja 3 panoramic head. Stitching was done by Hugin in combination with Enblend

[Images are copyright P. van de Haar. This page was last updated on November 15, 2008]

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