Some family panoramas

Flash is required to view these panoramas.
The (strange looking) images below are spherical projections.
Click on any of these images to view the corresponding (flash) panorama.
In such a panorama you can view in any direction. Use the mouse or left/right/up/down arrows.
Use SHIFT to zoom in, CTRL to zoom out.

Hilde, Daan (my niece and nephew) and doppelgangers ...                         

windmolen vledder panorama

Family reunion at the windmill in Vledder.

Sailing on the Waddenzee.

waddenzee platbodem zeilen panorama

Riding the wind between Harlingen and Terschelling, with the 'flat bottom' ship Jonathan.

waddenzee platbodem droogvallen panorama

Jonathan grounded on the mudflats, at low tide, near the island of Ameland.
Location (uses Google Maps).

Zalk overstroming IJssel panorama

Flooding of IJssel river, near Zalk. Location (uses google maps).

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