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Panorama photography (Fullscreen Flash)

Spain Mezquita
Spain 2011

Panama Costa Rica rainforest jungle
Panama, Costa Rica 2011

Turkey Pamukkale
Turkey 2010

Nepal Kala Pattar Everest
Nepal 2009

Ladakh Buddhism Monastary panorama Markha Stok Kangri Leh
Ladakh (India) 2008

Tunisia Islam Roman panorama palm tree camel desert oasis sahara
Tunisia 2009

Netherlands Amsterdam panorama canals


Greece Acropolis Parthenon panorama
Greece 2007

Netherlands windmill De Kat Zaanse Schans
A panoramic view of Holland's windmills

Greece windmills panorama Mykonos
A panoramic view of Greek windmills, 2007

South Africa panorama Pretoria
South Africa 2006

Tenerife panorama Teide
Tenerife 2006

Germany panorama Neuschwanstein castle
Some panos made in Germany

Family panorama doppelganger
Family panos

Great panoramas from all over the world, by many authors, can be found at WWP

For (technical) background info on panorama photography, see this Wikipedia site.

A few 'little planets'
Little planets planetoid polar planets Amsterdam Magere brug

High dynamic range photography HDR Domtoren Utecht

Fisheye photography

children africa Fisheye photography
Some fisheye images

black bar

Orion constellation stars astrophotography
Wide field (low budget)

Lunar photography Clavius crater DMK

Saturn planets stars DMK ToUcam
Planets, stars, etc.

The "seeing" over Holland

Macro spider Tegenaria parietina Tegenaria duellica

Nederland Netherlands smog
Air Quality for Visibility

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